SOS Mata Atlântica Foundation - First NGO created to defend the last remnants of the Atlantic Forest in Brazil, it combines the ideal of environmental conservation with the challenge of generating knowledge about the biome.

Latest news

HNG and Floresta Viva launch project for Botanical Garden in Serra Grande

On May 31, the Human Network of Brazil and Instituto Floresta Viva will announce the launch of the Botanical Garden project

Aniversário de 20 anos do Instituto Floresta Viva é matéria da TV Santa Cruz

The Floresta Viva Institute turned 20 years old! To celebrate this milestone, a celebration was held at the Institute's headquarters that recalled the entire trajectory and also shared plans for the organization's future.

Confraternização da equipe de colaboradores do Instituto Floresta Viva

Aproveitamos o início do ano para reunir nossa equipe de colaboradores em uma confraternização da organização. Pudemos desfrutar juntos de um almoço no restaurante

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