Mayor of Itacaré seeks partnership with Floresta Viva for environmental preservation

The mayor of Itacaré, Antônio de Anízio, visited the Floresta Viva Institute with the aim of establishing partnerships with the City Hall in order to guarantee support and technical support for the Municipal Nursery of Fruit Seedlings, Ornamentals and Forest Essences, which will be inaugurated next Monday- fair in the district of Água Fria. The proposal is to unite the experience of Floresta Viva to guarantee seedlings of species native to the Atlantic Forest, in addition to technical support to qualify family farmers and increasingly increase the production of plants in the municipal nursery of Itacaré.

During the meeting, the mayor discussed with the president of Floresta Viva, Rui Rocha, and with the technical team about the partnership and how the City Hall and the Institute can walk more and more together in order to preserve the environment. Antônio de Anízio also visited the facilities of Floresta Viva, the Environmental School and the projects being developed by the institute in the area of ​​nature preservation throughout Bahia.

Floresta Viva team at the headquarters of the Botanical Garden of Serra Grande

The president of Floresta Viva, Rui Rocha, praised the initiative of the Municipality of Itacaré to set up a Municipal Nursery for Fruit and Ornamental Seedlings and Forest Essences, which demonstrates the commitment to increasingly guarantee the preservation of nature. And this partnership, according to him, comes to add, to join forces in this mission of caring for the environment. The Municipal Nursery will provide seedlings to ensure the reforestation of degraded areas, recovery of springs, in addition to producing ornamental plants for squares and gardens. In addition, the proposal is to function as a practical school focused on family farming.

Instituto Floresta Viva is an organization that works to preserve the Atlantic Forest on the south coast of Bahia and believes in harmonious coexistence between human beings and the environment. Escola da Floresta is a teaching and research environment specialized in the Atlantic Forest biome. Since 2012, it has offered several courses focused on environmental conservation and the economy of the forest, disseminating the sustainability movement on the South Coast of Bahia, an area extremely rich in biodiversity. Training is offered free of charge to interested parties.

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