Aniversário de 20 anos do Instituto Floresta Viva é matéria da TV Santa Cruz

The Floresta Viva Institute turned 20 years old! 

To celebrate this milestone, a celebration was held at the Institute's headquarters that recalled the entire trajectory and also shared plans for the organization's future.

With more than 80 guests that included people from the team, Floresta Viva advisors, researchers, leaders of third sector organizations, public authorities, academics from universities, members of the local community and donors, it was a day full of exchanges.

The event started with a special breakfast. With music by singer-songwriter Marcelo Ganem and his band, guests enjoyed a breakfast prepared by chef Cris Rosa, founder of Oficina de Gastronomia – a social project developed in the region, which trains students from the local community in gastronomy.

The event was led by communicator and professor Valdineide Sousa de Oliveira Jesus, who has been involved with the history of the organization since its first years of operation. Beyond that, the event had speeches by Célio Haroldo, co-founder of Floresta Viva and current coordinator of the native seedling nursery of the organization, Dona Otília Nogueira, co-founder of Floresta Viva and Nina Valentini, interim Executive Director.

The event also featured tributes to the Institute's team and an interactive moment, in which everyone was invited to write, on a piece of banana leaf, words and intentions for the future of the region, in communion with the Mata Atlântica biome, to be planted in a garden commemorating the organization's 20th anniversary.

The event was covered by TV Santa Cruz, an affiliate of Rede Globo, and featured an interview with Rui Rocha, co-founder of Floresta Viva, Marcia Hirota, from Fundação SOS Mata Atlântica, and Mário Rodrigues, environmental manager.

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