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The Floresta Viva Institute (IFV) is an organization that works
for the preservation of the Atlantic Forest in the coast of
Southern Bahia and believes in the harmonious coexistence
between human beings and the environment.

O Instituto Floresta Viva é uma organização que atua pela preservação da Mata Atlântica no Litoral Sul da Bahia fomentando a bioeconomia e o desenvolvimento sustentável da região.

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Lines of Action


Research Within the scope of Research, Instituto Floresta Viva produces and promotes data and information on conservation, preservation and restoration of biodiversity in Southern Bahia and the Atlantic Forest biome,...

Botanical Garden

The Serra Grande Botanical Garden (JBSG) proposal emerged in 2018 and constitutes an innovative model that has as its principle the in situ maintenance of species from the Mata...

Native Seedling Nursery

Seedling Nursery Located on the Serra Grande/Uruçuca Highway, the Floresta Viva Institute Nursery was inaugurated in 2009, the result of a partnership with the SOS Mata Atlântica Foundation. the initial focus...

Forest Restoration

Forest Restoration Since its foundation, Floresta Viva has sought to network in order to increase the impact of its actions. In 2009, it signed the Pact for the Restoration of the Forest...

Our projects

Find out how Floresta Viva is constantly improving the reality of the region
through sustainable projects that mobilize the local population,
companies, public bodies and volunteers.


One of IFV’s flagship projects, which today is characterized as its main line of action, is the Research Project on Rare and Endangered Species of Southern Bahia.

Cargill Cocoa Alliance

Cocoa Alliance is a technical-scientific project developed through cooperation between Cargill and the Floresta Viva Institute with family farmers members of the Baixo Sul Family Farmer Cooperative (COOPAFBASUL for its acronym in Portuguese) in Ituberá-BA.

Legal Reserve Arandis Farm - Saquaíra

The project consists of executing a Degraded Area Recovery Plan (PRAD) between the years 2019-2022, focusing on the remaining vegetation

Ecosystem Restoration and Cocoa Cultivation on the Southern Bahia Coast - Brown University

Large-scale restoration of the Atlantic Forest is a process that requires knowledge of farming dynamics, as the vast majority of areas available for restoration are found in land used for agriculture and pasture.

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Objetivo da organização é produzir 100 mil mudas por safra de espécies da Mata Atlântica. A Fundação SOS Mata Atlântica em parceria com o Instituto Floresta Viva inaugura hoje, na Vila…

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