Since its foundation, Floresta Viva has sought to act as a network in order to increase the impact of its actions. In 2009, it signed the Pact for the Restoration of the Atlantic Forest, a national movement of public and private organizations to protect what remains of this biome on the coast.


Access the videos produced by Instituto Floresta Viva here
about its performance in the territory of the south coast of Bahia

Economy of the Forest - part 01

Economy of the Forest - part 02

Economy of the Forest - part 03

Economy of the Forest - part 04

Economy of the Forest - part 05

Andreadoxa flava

The rarest tree in southern Bahia


Conservation studies

Permanent plots for conservation studies

Nursery and planting activities

Nursery and planting activities: Endangered Trees of Southern Bahia Project

Interview with Jo Soares

Globo Reporter Interview

Floresta Viva publications

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within the scope of the research carried out.

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