Floresta Viva

The Floresta Viva Institute is an organization that works for the preservation of the Atlantic Forest on the Southern Bahia coast and believes in the coexistence between human beings and the environment. The institution was created from the Floresta Viva program, which worked between 2001 and 2003 to solve two structural problems in the Environmental Protected Area (APA for its acronym in Portuguese) Itacaré/ Serra Grande: environmental degradation and social exclusion in rural areas. Its action is focused on the coast of Southern Bahia, encompassing protected areas and rural communities through the development of environmental restoration activities. 

The Floresta Viva Institute operates within four lines of action, which are permanently interposed and in dialogue with each other, guiding the organization’s actions: Research, Serra Grande's Botanical Garden, Forest Restoration and Native Seedling Nursery. 

Communication with other third sector organizations, companies, networks, public agencies and governments makes socio-environmental engagement a characteristic of the Institute, which recognizes the participation of multiple and diverse social actors to achieve effective socio-environmental results in its territory of operation.

Mission - cultivate knowledge and practices to ally human development with the restoration of the Atlantic Forest.

Vision - the people and forests of Southern Bahia being an inspiration for a healthy planet.

Values - joy, learning, knowledge, community, ethics and initiative.

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Our Network

Jorge Chiapetti, Marcos Roberto Penna Nascimento, Otília Maria Nogueira, Marly Brito de Lima, Daniel Piotto,  Eduardo Gross, Célio Haroldo Jesus de Sousa, Nilson Antônio Santos, Cláudia Regina Paulina Cruz, Sérgio Carvalho Caldas, Sidney José de Souza

Rui Barbosa Rocha (Presidente), Otília Maria Nogueira (Secretária Executiva), Jomar Gomes Jardim, Rui Barbosa Rocha, Daniel Piotto, Jorge Chiapetti, Eduardo Gross, Marly Brito de Lima

Beto Mesquita, Cristiana Rosa, Gustavo Martinelli, Jomar Jardim, Luiza Olivetto, Mario Mantovani, Suzana Machado Padua

Cláudia Regina Paulina Cruz, Sérgio Carvalho Caldas, Sidney José de Souza

Marcos Roberto Penna Nascimento, Célio Haroldo Jesus de Sousa, Denisvaldo Alves dos Santos, Ivanildo Oliveira Santos, Jucelino Oliveira Santos, Nilson Antônio Santos, Ronaldo Gomes da Ressurreição, Roseni Conceição Pinto

Our History


Publication of the Panorama of Cocoa Cultivation in Southern Bahia


Start of Research with Endangered Tree Species - Franklinia Foundation and New York Botanical Garden


Globo Reporter Interview


Start of Research with Brown University - Cocoa Cultivation


Interview with Jô Soares


Finalist in the United Nations Program for Human Settlements - Good practice


Best Local Management Practices Award - Caixa Econômica Federal


MDA/SAF/ DATER Award - 25 Best Agroecological Experiences in Brazil


Super Ecology Award


Innovative Social Experiences Award - World Bank



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