SOS inaugurates seedling nursery in Bahia

The organization's objective is to produce 100,000 seedlings per harvest of species from the Atlantic Forest.

The SOS Mata Atlântica Foundation, in partnership with the Floresta Viva Institute, opens today, in Vila de Serra Grande, Bahia, a community nursery for the production of 100,000 seedlings per season of species native to the Atlantic Forest.

Located in an Environmental Protection Area (APP), the nursery will also function as an environmental school, a learning space for those who want to learn a little more about the most threatened biome in the country. we know little. With the nursery, we will not only be able to teach, but also learn more about it. Therefore, it will be called Espaço Aprendiz Floresta Viva”, explains the director of Instituto Floresta Viva, Rui Rocha.

On site seedlings will be produced and also the planting of different native species such as biriba, pati, conduru, guanandis. One of the areas that should be recovered is the Serra do Conduru State Park, which has a very high biodiversity but has been very degraded in the last 20 years.

The production and planting of seedlings should generate jobs for 50 workers in the region. “In addition to combining environmental conservation and regional development, through the generation of work and income, this project consolidates the initiative of SOS Mata Atlântica to expand its activities beyond the limits of São Paulo with a focus on partnerships and strategic areas for the conservation of the biodiversity and natural resources,” explains Ludmila Pugliese, manager of Forest Restoration at the environmental organization.

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