Cargill Cocoa Alliance

Cocoa Alliance is a technical-scientific project developed through cooperation between Cargill and the Floresta Viva Institute with family farmers members of the Baixo Sul Family Farmer Cooperative (COOPAFBASUL for its acronym in Portuguese) in Ituberá-BA. The Project began two years ago and has the objective of a wide in loco study of 30 rural properties producing cocoa, in which multiple analyses are carried out to evaluate land use and socio-environmental aspects, as well as to study ways to increase the productivity of cocoa produced in the region, both in Agroforestry System (SAF for its acronym in Portuguese) areas as in cabruca cultivation system areas, and to support rural properties to follow Brazilian forest code environmental standards.


The initial phase of the Project was completed with the realization of a broad agricultural, environmental and socioeconomic diagnosis of the properties. Studies and actions were carried out to promote SAFs with cocoa, cocoa in the cabruca system and diversification with other crops, including food cultivars, thus allowing producers to reconcile environmental conservation and increased income from sustainable cocoa production.

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