Society for Ecological Restoration International
Global community of forest restoration practitioners across the globe including researchers and community leaders actively involved in restoring degraded ecosystems.

The Bulletin of the National Tropical Garden - Here you can access some articles from the print magazine of the National Tropical Botanical Garden, a non-profit organization dedicated to the discovery, conservation and study of tropical plants.

20 x 20 Initiative - International effort - launched at COP 20 in Lima - to restore 20 million hectares in Latin America and the Caribbean by 2020. The action is supported by the World Resources Institute (WRI) and Floresta Viva is part of our network of partners

Tabôa – Community Empowerment - IFV’s partner organization, which fosters the economic and socio-environmental development of the Southern Bahia Coast, through food production credits, incubation and strengthening of businesses, investments in socio-environmental projects and development of organizations and leaders.

Get to know the RMA, a network created from a debate within Rio-92 Global Forum, with the aim of forming a large web of information and relationships between the entities that work for the preservation of the Atlantic Forest.

SOS Mata Atlântica Foundation - First NGO created to defend the last remnants of the Atlantic Forest in Brazil, it combines the ideal of environmental conservation with the challenge of generating knowledge about the biome.

Verena Project - A project for the economic valorization of reforestation with native species, led by WRI Brasil and the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)